Doppia T/D-Series
2 Speed Batch Freezers/Pasteurizers


BSI Batch Freezers have improved freezing
cylinders with the latest technology for more
uniform freezing. The patented beater has
easily replaceable scraper blades providing better
texture for superior results. The frequency
control system makes T-Series freezers
extremely quiet to operate and extends the
operating life. The easy-to-read electronic
display allows you to monitor the progress of
each batch. A fault diagnostics mode permits
quick resolution of problems; eliminating costly down time. The Hardness-Control-System
(HCS) allows you to freely change from low
to high overrun while running, adjusting both
density and firmness.

Features Include

  • Patented Hardness-Control-System (HCS) for consistently superior finished product.
  • Patented high performance beater is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Beater Motor w/Inverter offers true two speed operation for low overrun Gelato or high overrun Ice Cream.
  • Fully Automatic Operation is user friendly.
  • Built-in Safety Devices protects the operator and equipment.
  • Built-in water faucet with flexible hose makes cleaning the cylinder fast and easy.
  • Superior Extraction results in minimal flavor overlap.
  • Flexible Operation permits one machine to make Gelato, Ice Cream, Sorbetto, Sherbet, Fruit Cream, and Slush.
  • Audible Alarm signals operator when the product is ready for extraction.
  • R404-A Refrigerant provides fast and efficient operation with a more friendly environmental profile.

Model Capacity Pasto Mix Used Freezer Mix Used Batch Time* Hourly Output
Power Type Installed Power Compressor *** Gross Wt
Pasteurize Freezer Minimum Max. Minimum Max Pasteurize Freezer
Liter Liter Liter Liter Liter Liter Minutes Minutes Liter Volt/Hz/Phase Kw Kw/Hp/BTU*** Kg
T-18/D 5.0 5.0 1.2 5.0 1.5 3.5 12 12 20 W/A 230/60/1 1.5+2.5 1,47/2/4094 225
T-30/D 10.0 10.0 5.0 10.0 3.0 7. 0 15 15 40 W/A 230/60/3,1 2.5+5.5 2,21/4/7506 310
T-60/D 15.0 15.0 7.5 15.0 5.0 10.0 15 15 60 W/A 230/60/3,1 3.0+7.1 2,94/5/9556 395
T-610/D 20.0 20.0 10.0 20.0 6.0 14.0 15 15 80 W/A 230/60/3,1 4.2+9.2 3,68/6/12965 460

*The Batch time and Hour Output may vary based on the different mix used. ** W/A, water-cooled/air/cooled.***Semi-hermetic compressor. **** Evaporation: -25 to -35°C- Condensation: + 39°C.


Models T-18/D, T-30/DT-60/D, T-610/D

An entire workshop in one machine. Production of all types of ice cream. Perfect pasteurizing , fast production, easy operation. Low running cost by saving water and power.

imageAll models offer Advanced Technology for High Performance with Hardness-Control-System (HCS) and Frequency Regulator.

Bidding SpecsElectrical: Volt 230 Hz 60 Ph Single/ 3 Phase Cooling: Air Water NA



BSI manufactures a complete line of frozen dessert production equipment: batch freezers, pasteurize machines, blast freezers, mix boilers, doppia (double function) machines (pasteurize + batch freezer, all in one), cream pasteurizer (pastry chef), water chiller, display cabinets and soft serve freezers etc.

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