Professionally designed, easy to use, only a few buttons with simple functions allow the operator to make premium batches above the market standards: artisanal gelato or ice cream is always dry, soft and creamy. Easy to transport and move to any place in your working area thanks to its compact size. The front charging hopper allows you to add the mix, flavors and ingredients during the batch. The air condenser is ready to work and doesn’t require any further settings. 45 years of Bravo’s innovative technology in a high – tech piece of equipment


Small and productive

An advanced batch freezer for restaurants and coffee shops, used for the production of high quality gelato and ice cream. The machine is self explanatory, you don’t need any special skills to make a batch in minutes. The G-20 can fit anywhere, and is easy to transport. thanks to its compact size.

Technical features

  • Charging hopper allows for a fast charge of the mix, flavors and other ingredients
  • Front door made in Makrolon® (special thermal insulating material)
  • Two blade stainless steel mixer with interchangeable scrapers
  • Quick and easy gelato extraction
  • Acoustic signal tells you when gelato is ready

Advantages and strengths

  • Gelato or ice cream batches produced in a very short time
  • Easy to use, the machine is exceptionally functional
  • Compact size, only 2,69 sq.ft.
  • Electronic control of working cycle through temperatures
  • Direct temperature detection with a probe in contact with the mix
  • Easy and practical to clean


Capacity per cycle Gal 0,45
Average hourly production* Gal 5
Electrical requirement
Voltage Volt/Hz/Ph 230/60/1
Power Hp 3,6
Fuse/switch dimension Amp 16
Freezing condenser   only AIR
Compressor engine Hp 2,55
Freezing cylinder control system   electronic thermostat with probe in contact with the mix
Water connection   none
Type of cooling   R404A
Minimum distance for air flow (back and sides) inches 18
Model   table top
Folder panel   stainless steel
Side panel   with air flow grill
Closing door   Makrolon®
Cylinder and mixer
Cylinder capacity with mixer Qts 3,8
Cylinder capacity without mixer Qts 4
Cylinder length inches 6,5
Cylinder diameter inches 6,5
Mixer   stainless steel
Mixer engine Hp 1
Mixer scraper   metal
Width (A) inches 15
Depth (B) inches 27
Heigh(H) inches 28
Weight Lbs 187