VINTAGE 61 Espresso Machines

VINTAGE 61 Espresso Machines

Hand-lever model for manual coffee brewing
Group with special pre-infusion system for
optimal brewing of your coffee
Stainless steel body
Auto-fill device
Water level sight glass
Manual water fill button
Built-in volumetric pump with bypass
Heating element with safety cut-off system
One hot water dispenser
Built-in volumetric pump with bypass
Two steam wands
Mechanical pressure switch for boiler
pressure adjustment

Optional Accessories
Cup Warmer
Kit gas with gas valve and safety thermosta
Electronic boiler temperature control
(Thermo PID)
Special tall version, for 135 mm cups

Download VINTAGE61 Espresso-Machines specs


Group (W x D x H) Boiler Capacity Watt Voltage
2 31.3″ x 21″ x 19.7″ 11 Liters 2700/4500 230
3 40.7″ x 21″ x 19.7″ 17 Liters 4500/5400 230