Double Ventilation
Crystal Cases are equipped with a “twin air blade”
ventilation system that provides even cooling keeping all gelato
pans at the same set temperature independently of their
position inside the display cabinet.
Rapid Defrosting System
RDS combines cycle inversion with a double-body, multi-injected evaporater coil.
The synergy between these features generates a very rapid and highly efficient defrosting system.
Genius Control (optional)
Genius Control is the innovative digital controller adding advanced functions to Crystal cases. Auto On/Off
Automatic on/off digital timer switch.
Defrosting Mode
You can choose or combine different types of defrosting that better fits your requirements:
Smart Defrost – The controller will activate the defrosting cycle only when necessary
By setting it at a given time of the day or night
By setting it at regular intervals
High Cream
The opportunity to set the ventillation for regular or high ice cream presentations

The Crystal display case has a pulsing heart – a powerful condensing unit that is
semi-tropicalised for reliable performance even in hot, dry or humid conditions.

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