Hard Cheese Grater Olimpo E/1.5




The Olimpo E/1.5 is a reliable, heavy-duty industrial 1.5hp cheese grater ideal for large operations. It is designed for restaurants and delis that need to grate hard cheese or bread quickly and without waste. The anti-corrosive aluminum alloy body and grating mouth are designed for easy and fast cleaning.

The grating drum is made of stainless steel for long-lasting performance and has 1/16″ teeth to always deliver a fine, perfectly grated product. The gear-driven motor easily processes the toughest products. The 1.5hp heavy-duty motor is fan cooled for efficiency. A safety interlock prevents the machine from starting when the feeder handle is not lowered enough, and stops the machine when the lever is lifted.

UL Std. 763
CSA Std. C22.2 N. 195
and NSF-8

ModelW/D/HGrating OpeningVoltageHorsepowerAmpsDrum rpmWeight
Olimpo E/1.515″/11″/15″5.625″ x 3.125″110v 60hz1.571400 rpm37 lbs.

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