imageElectric cookers indispensable in the food industry acts in the preparation and cooking of various types of products: from creams to jams, from mixing for cream puffs that for the dumplings, the sauce with polenta, from meat sauce, mushrooms, vegetables, risotto, etc.

Dimensions bxpxh1150 x 800 x 1680 mm1350 x 1050 x 2000 mm
Weight340 kg530 kg
Mixer capacity40 kg/h – 60 lt.80 kg/h – 120 lt.
Consumption Power8,6 kW20 kW
Voltage230V 1PH/60Hz
Also available in 230V/3Ph/60 Hz
230V 1PH/60Hz
Also available in 230V/3Ph/60 Hz
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