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At Bravo Systems International you will find a real all-in-one traditional coffee machine with professional components. The Mini Junior EVD is the ideal answer for small bars, pizzerias, hotels and restaurants, where the daily consumption of coffee is not particularly high. Fitted with a built-in copper boiler, hot water and steam spouts with separate circuits (for the production of tea, cappuccino, hot milk, etc.). This machine can be supplied with a built-in 2 liter water tank for regular functioning and with water main connections.
  • Steel body
  • Fully automatic
  • Large built-in water tank (2 liters)
  • 2 Heater exchanges
  • 1400 watt heating element
  • Built-in vibrating or rotary pump
  • Self-contained drain pan
Power supply: 110 V
Absorption: 1400 w
Weight: 33 lbs.

W= 12.5″ D= 17″ H= 16.25″
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