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Bravo Systems International supplies residents and businesses with the highest quality home and commercial Panini Grill. Our Panini Press is a durable tool for making restaurant quality Italian Paninis.

Bravo Systems International is an industry leading Italian restaurant supplier for kitchens of every style and size. We provide homes and businesses with the benefit of experiencing a quality commercial Panini grilling product. Our Panini presses produce great tasting grilled sandwiches and excellent commercial quality, taste, and machine operation. Our machines produce quick, tasty sandwiches for you and your customers’ enjoyment. Our quality grill is a great investment in the success of your restaurant, cafĂ© or bakery. Our sandwich presses are great for either home cooking at near microwave speeds, or commercial Panini sandwich making. The quality of our products makes sandwich creation tastier than ever. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide our customers with excellent, high quality presses. Whether you are at home or running a business, our machines are ready and waiting to turn any plain sandwich into an Italian work of art, beautiful to look at and tantalizing to the taste. Our Panini Press machines are an excellent investment for any home or business that is looking to add the commercial Panini flavor to their sandwich making. Bravo Systems International’s machines add the spice and Italian style flavor that a good sandwich requires. Our goal is to always provide the quality of the commercial Panini grill to homes and businesses nationwide, so that our residential customers can enjoy excellent tasting sandwiches and our commercial customers can reap the benefits of memorable tasting sandwiches and repeat customers.

To find out more about our Panini Press machines for your home or business, please contact us at (800) 333-2728 or fill out our form. We will gladly provide assistance to your growing business or help you to add more recipes to your at home cooking experience. We will work to understand your needs and provide you with a top quality Panini grill that will put all other sandwiches to shame.

Panini Sandwiches


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If you stumbled into this page, and are wondering, just what is Panini, then you should know that Panini is a type of Italian style sandwich. They are absolutely delicious, and every Italian themed Cafe, Bakery, or Restaurant isn’t really complete without these on their menu. We don’t actually supply you with these delicious, delectable creations, but we do provide your restaurant or home with the proper equipment to produce professional Panini sandwiches quickly and efficiently.

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