Refractory Brick Pizza Ovens


These ovens are produced with refractory bricks using old
world techniques thus ensuring that classic brick oven baked
flavor. These bricks are compact, dry-pressed, low porosity,
light colored, with high alumina content. The interior bricks are
arranged in a domed space to provide even heat distribution.
The dome is constructed, as is the oven base, from refractory
bricks, mortar, and cement resisting temperatures of 2192
degrees celcius.
The outer case is constructed of 3 mm anticorrosive galvanized
steel filled with about 15 cm of insulation made of expanded
mixed with sand and cement.
The door is fabricated from sheet steel with lifting handle
The support base is made of 80 mm x 80 mm steel tubes
treated with an anticorrosive paint. Steel tubing dimensions may
vary with different models.

Download Refractory Brick Pizza Ovens Specs


ETL Fireplace/Stove • (UL 737, 6th ed.)
ETL (Sanitation) NSF4
City of Los Angeles RR 8218
ETL Gas (ANSI 783.11/CGA 1.8-M96)
City of New York – MEA 308-06-E

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